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Struggling With Business Debts? Proven Track Record of Success Helping UK Businesses Resolve Debt Problems:
At Jameson Smith & Co we understand that you may be going through a stressful time at the moment and this is why we aim to exceed your expectations, so you can start to lose the stress over business debts & gain control today. Our testimonials are written by real Company Directors just like you, so have a read! 
  • Over 32 years' Experience Advising UK Businesses
  • Protecting Your Family Assets - Your Personal Protection is Our Priority!
  • Winding Up Petition & Winding Up Order Advice, Help & Support!
  • Company Tax (HMRC, VAT, Corporation Tax & PAYE) Debt Advice, Help & Support
  • Close Your Business Down with Minimal Stress & Start Planning for a Positive Future!
  • Help & Advice for Personal Guarantee Agreements
  • Proud to Have Lots of Great Testimonials
  • Fast, Effective & Thorough Business Debt Solutions for Your Peace of Mind
  • Experienced Help & Advice With Company Debts
  • Experienced Advice on Collecting Business Debts in Excess of £20,000
  • Why Close Your Company if it Can Be Saved? HMRC Time to Pay & Creditor Negotiations 
  • FREE Advice on Business Debt Management & Liquidation Process
  • We Work With Fully Licensed Insolvency Practitioners!
Prefer to Talk? FREE Advice on Business Debts - Speak with a Friendly Business Debt Consultant Today on: 08000 842 844 (Mon-Fri - 9am-7pm). We Cover London, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool & Surrounding Areas.

Managing company debts can be a legal minefield for directors as they have a legal obligation to creditors. Our reputation has been built on client recommendations due to the fact that we put your personal protection at the very top of our priority list whilst addressing these obligations. If you require help or advice on a company debt situation, winding up petition or voluntary business liquidation then give us a call today and see what we can do for you! We help UK company directors every day with their business debts & liquidation enquiries or concerns and we can often remove the majority of business related stress within 48 hours. Take the time to have a read through some of our testimonials from other business directors, just like you.

Have You Received a Winding Up Petition or Winding Up Order Recently?  
Most of our clients are unaware of insolvency legislation and what is involved when facing a winding up petition and do not realise at this late stage that the business could be saved, even if they close their business down via voluntary company liquidation. A simple 15 minute chat with one of our advisors may help you to make an informed decision. If you have received a winding up petition please contact us on: 08000 842 844.

We help people just like you who are concerned about what may happen to them if they put their company into voluntary liquidation or if their company is being forced into liquidation by a winding up petition from HMRC or another creditor. We provide you with free company debt & business liquidation advice and will help you find the most appropriate solution for your insolvency situation, fast. 

Equally, if you are a Sole Trader with combined personal and business debts in excess of £30,000 then we may be able to help you, so call 08000 842 844 to speak with someone who may help stop you from being made bankrupt. What have you got to lose?

Your Protection is Our Priority!
As a director, you have a legal obligation to your creditors, but this does not mean that you cannot do something to help your situation.We believe that directors perform far better if they are well informed; so we ensure that you are fully aware of what needs to be done and how to do it, so that you are more comfortable with the liquidation, or insolvency process. We understand that you may be under a degree of stress at the moment; this is why we aim to remove your fears of company liquidation by stripping it down and explaining what needs to be done in plain, simple English. Our clients will tell you that we are very 'down to Earth' and easy to speak with and we offer a transparent and friendly service that is tailored to suit you and your business needs.

Are You Considering Company Liquidation or Closing Your Business Down? 
  • Unsure of the insolvency or liquidation process?
  • Concerns about company debts?
  • We can help you!
Company Liquidation, Business Debt Advice & Company Rescue Plans!
We will take you by the hand and guide you throughout the entire process. If you provide us with information on your insolvency situation we will implement a thorough, low-cost voluntary liquidation process, or company rescue plan for your business' needs. We believe that everyone deserves a second chance and this could be your opportunity to start planning for a more positive future!

Licensed Insolvency Practitioners:
In our opinion, we work with some of the very best licensed insolvency practitioners within the UK. We cover London, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool and the surrounding areas and have a proven track record of success. We will make sure that we have identified, managed, or mitigated the risks to you personally before the liquidators are engaged and we will either help close your company down, or arrange a business rescue plan, using the safest processes available to protect you and your personal assets whilst using reputable, licensed insolvency practitioners.

Many Directors Tell Us "I Should Have Contacted You Sooner"... Don't Follow Suit! Call: 08000 842 844
You will be more than happy with our attention to detail and our focus on protecting you and your personal assets whilst ensuring that your legal requirements are met throughout the liquidation, or insolvency process! Here are a few other services that we can offer:
  • Specialist company liquidation services & advice
  • Insolvency process advice & implementation, including Company Voluntary Arrangements
  • General business advice & company rescue services
  • Time to pay negotiations with HMRC
  • Director disputes resolution
  • Negotiations with HMRC & other creditors such as suppliers
  • Personal guarantee advice & help for UK Company Directors
  • Arrangements with creditors
  • Trading Individual Voluntary Arrangement advice for Sole Traders with debts in excess of £30,000
  • Alternative short -term finance options
Typical Client:
Our typical clients may be considering company liquidation services such as a creditors' voluntary liquidation. You may need HMRC tax arrears advice on VAT, Corporation Tax & PAYE, or have received a winding up petition threatening to close your company down, or you simply have too much business debt to deal with and want to know what to do now... Many of our clients leave it until the very last moment to contact us and they can often be faced with any of the following:
  • Bailiffs’ visits
  • Walking possession orders
  • Threat to assets
  • Bankruptcy
  • Compulsory liquidation or winding up petition from HMRC & other creditors
  • A statutory demand
  • County Court action
  • General pressure & threatening letters from creditors such as HMRC
It Costs You Nothing to Find Out Your Options: 
We always go the extra mile for each individual client and we do not treat you like ‘just another number’ so call us today to see how we can help you…Call: 08000 842 844

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Great testimonials

  • If your reading this then you are probably in a similar position to what I was in…. behind with NI/IT & VAT and another quarter of VAT about to kick in, a suppliers solicitors was on my back who I owed a lot of money too….. I had done everything to try and screw down my costs, but as we all know the bills just keep on coming and yet the work had stopped or I was having to look at quoting ridiculous prices to even get a look in….. I phoned to discuss my situation, the best phone call I have made in my life…. you should do the same, the guy I spoke to was one of the most honest guys you could talk to and he guided me all the way…. If I made a mistake it was not phoning 3 years earlier…. 
    Wood Machinist – Ian M. – (Director) - Lincoln
  • The service that Jameson Smith & Co provided to myself and my organisation was great, from the level of professionalism to the continued support. My needs were considered at all times and I have experienced highly professional and effective communication throughout the liquidation process. I felt that as a client I was highly valued.
    Restaurant - A. Zelcs – (Director) – London
  • “Due to the Economic downturn, I found my business in a struggle to survive. From the initial contact with Jameson Smith I was provided a professional service and given a high level understanding of the level of the problem and the options available to resolve them. The advice given was always very professional and personal. Jameson Smith made difficult decisions easier due to the level of understanding provided.   I would have no hesitation in recommending Jameson Smith to any businesses in the same position.”
    Engineering Consultant – CH – Lancashire (Managing Director
  • “I cannot thank you enough for what you did for me when I closed my company down, I must say that the team helped me through the most difficult decision of my life to close my 8 year old business down.  Almost immediately the hassle from creditors reduced significantly, and Jameson Smith & Co took over everything for me.  I would thoroughly recommend them and I am now almost at the end of the liquidation process and getting my life back on track.  Seriously it is a hard decision to close your business, but it is even harder making the situation even worse by trying to stay open.”
    Clothing Retailer – Sharon D – Director
  • “When I started my retail business in 2008, I felt sure that I had the right stock, philosophy and atmosphere in the shops to be relatively recession-proof and an exciting first year of trade confirmed this. However, as one shop had become three, I found that despite every effort, things were taking a turn for the worst and finances were getting tight. Having exhausted my personal understanding of where to turn next, I searched the Internet as a last resort for professional advice regarding my business and the difficulties I was facing. It was the straight-forward, no-nonsense advice so readily available on the Jameson Smith & Co website that gave me confidence in this company’s abilities to help me recover from the sticky situation I’d found myself in. Having read through the testimonials from other clients I was assured in my need to call. From our initial meeting to now I have felt reassured by the team and I feel I can always call them with a problem should one arise. I am hugely grateful for the clear advice and friendly support I have received from Jameson Smith & Co in getting me back on my feet and I am confident that if I hadn’t turned to them when I did, my business wouldn’t be steadily recovering like it is today.”
    Fashion Retailer – West Sussex – C.B.  - Company Director
  • “My small business like others was massively affected from recent events in the financial world, I found myself trying to keep going and getting more and more insolvent. Pride in what I do was all I had, the bank and the HMRC cutting my legs off. Despite my best efforts I could see the end of my company, but did not know what to do or who to turn to? I contacted professional help from research in the internet and this is how I found Jameson Smith & Co, and I am pleased I did. I knew after my initial phone call I could them, their immediate advice made me feel I had an ally who would steer me through this, and for the first time in ages I slept! I want to thank Mike sincerely for all his help and being on the end of a phone when ever I needed advice or reassurance. Even ringing me to see how things were if he had not heard from me for a while. Expertise and a friend at time when you feel like you have none is what I feel I got. If you are in a similar situation and reading this, you are in the right place to get the best help believe me.”
    Construction Company – Middlesex – T.W. Small Business Director
  • “When you are running your own business there are lots of stresses, but when your business is really struggling and you know you need to close it. The stress and worries are unbelievable. I was in this position and did not know who to turn to. Then I found Jameson Smith & Co on the web and within one phone call I was put at ease. It was the hardest time of my life and the whole team helped me through it all the way. It doesn’t cost anything anyway for a phone call but the help and advice was priceless to me.”
    Camping & Leisure Company – Somerset – Matt P. Company Director
  • “I was one of the people effected by the liquidation of the company who engaged you recently. This news left me devastated over the weekend (tragic I know but it was stress I really didn’t need) and I was unsure what I was going to do or where I stood.

    On calling your company on Monday, I had the pleasure of speaking with Tammy. She took ownership of my situation, reassured me that she’d do everything to help me and said she’d get back to me with any news she had. She was true to her word and called me back soon after to say that she’d need to call me on Tuesday or Wednesday with further information as she was unable to speak to the necessary contact until then. Imagine my delight when she called me a couple of hours later to say that she’d spoken to someone who had confirmed that my wedding dress was ready and that Tammy had made arrangements for the dress to be sent to an alternative shop close to where I live. I think I may have embarrassed Tammy as I told her she was an angel and that I loved her but that wasn’t far from the truth!

    I work in Customer Service and we’re always told the importance of ‘wowing’ your customer and giving feedback. Tammy went over and above what was called of her and I really feel like she’s saved my wedding and more importantly my sanity! I was so impressed by her efficiency, professionalism and her kindness. If she worked for my company, I’d nominate her for an award as she obviously cares about those she deals with. Please, please pass on my gratitude to Tammy and well done for having such a star working for you.

    If I were ever conscious of anyone needing the type of services you offer, I would instantly give them your company name because of the quality of service I’ve received even though I am not a director.”
    Creditor of Company Being Liquidated – East Sussex – Ellie
  • “Most helpful was the ease of contacting Mike and the team at any hour of the day. After months of turmoil I felt the weight lift from my shoulders immediately I retained their services. Whereas I had been muddling my way through a minefield. Mike and his team knew exactly what to do and went about it efficiently and quickly. I felt the pressure lift immediately; if anything it was my own initial reluctance to listen to Mike’s initial advice that cost me another month of stress and his initial advice turned out to be “spot on”. No worries about anything and Creditors managed very well with all the advice and help I needed. A Big thank you to Jameson Smith & Co.”
    Building & Construction – West Midlands – G.O. Company Director
  • “I found Jameson Smith & Co on the internet and it’s always difficult to know who trust I was a little cautious at first but soon realised a genuine service was offered. Tony and the support were there when I needed them at the end of the phone and he provided his advice to help steer me through a possible tricky situation with the landlord in fairly tight timescales. I have no hesitation in recommending Jameson Smith & Co to any director who find themselves in an insolvent situation and need help fast.”
    IT Hardware Company – Oxfordshire – J.B. Managing Director
  • "I just wanted to write and thank you for your excellent service at a very worrying time, I found you most helpful, anytime I had a query you were always on hand either by phone or email with an almost instant reply to set my mind at ease.
    The help and advice you gave me was invaluable and always explained in a way that was easy for me to understand, I would gladly recommend your services to any company Director who has hit upon similar financial problems to mine, which have now been resolved with your assistance."
    G.J. Company Director - London
  • "Thanks Mike, really appreciate the help and support you gave me too and your flexibility – couldn’t have got through this predicament I got myself in without your assistance."
    Director of Software Company - Director/Shareholder dispute - S.E
  • "Mike and his team provide the support and advice necessary for any director under siege by creditors. They absorb your pressure and deal with all the liquidation issues leaving you free to move on. I completely recommend their service"
    G.Y. Managing Director - Buckinghamshire
  • "Dealing with Mike and his team was an absolute pleasure. They made an extremely difficult situation a lot easier to handle. I would highly recommend their services to any prospective clients looking for a professional insolvency service. Thanks guys."
    Consultancy Company - Kent - E.H. Managing Director
  • "The prospect of liquidation was the most worrying and stressful situation I had ever found myself in. The best decision I ever made was to contact Mike. Almost immediately he was able to lighten the load. He handled everything, took care of creditors and put me in the hands of an excellent liquidator. Throughout the whole process Mike was always on hand, responding promptly to any messages or call I made. His reassurance was a great comfort as he guided me through the process which became almost effortless and painless. I am still astonished at the high level of service he provided for what was in my opinion a nominal fee. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mike to anyone, unfortunate enough to require his help."
    Engineering Fabrication Company - Kent - PE Managing Director
  • "Jameson Smith & Co saved my sanity! They were helpful supportive, informative and were there with me every step of the way. They gave me the encouragement and the confidence to start again! I count myself very lucky indeed to have found them."
    Business Consultancy - London - J.E. Company Director
  • "I was a managing director of a small heating and plumbing firm that found itself in difficulty in January 2011. I searched the internet for business advice and came across Mike and his team. After reading excellent reviews I decided to give him a call. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made!
    Mike discussed all my options with me, giving clear and genuine advice. Every query I had was answered quickly and professionally. Mike and his team ensured that a difficult time was handled sensitively and effectively. I would not hesitate to recommend Mike and his team to anyone experiencing financial difficulty in business. They are very professional, hard working and diligent and turn a seemingly impossible situation into a manageable one.
    Yours faithfully"
    Heating & Plumbing Business - PRC - Managing Director
  • "Mike Smith helped me greatly last year, due to a break up with a business partner and the recession, I was forced to close down my business. This caused me great stress until Mike came along and helped me through it. After the liquidation of the company the bank and a provider of products came after me personally, he was able to reduce the amount I had to pay and negotiated all the transactions on my behalf. I do not think I would of got through the last 8 months without Mike's assistance.
    I would thoroughly recommend Mike and Jameson Smith & Co to anyone who is in the same boat as I was."
    Financial Advisor - Managing Director
  • "We all use the web to search for all manner of things - type in a question to google - can google guide me? What would we do without google?! So one Saturday morning I type in HMRC visit - threaten winding up order. Various options come up. I contacted Mike this Saturday morning feeling pretty down, we had been struggling with HMRC debts for over a year, trying to do our best - keep in contact with them - pay what we could when we said we would. The day before though a Lady from HMRC turned up on my doorstep to give me 14 days to pay in full or she would wind the company up. From the first contact with Mike - and yes on a Saturday morning he returned my call, I gave him a brief outline of the situation I had got in and from that moment he took charge. I do not know how many people he is guiding at any one time but you do not feel as if you are a burden, he keeps on top of what to do and here I am now some 5 weeks later moving forward from this situation. So to Mike and Tammi, thank you for doing exactly what all of these testimonials say - a great job."
    Cleaning Company - Sam G - Director - Northants
  • "Thanks Mike, really appreciate the help and support you gave me too and your flexibility - couldn't have got through this predicament I got myself in without your assistance."
    Software Company - S.E. (Director) - Director/Shareholder Dispute
  • "I put my trust in Mike and his team and they steered us out of a seemingly impossible situation, keeping me informed and involved all the way. Mike reassuringly kept in constant contact with me for encouragement and to help plan the way forward. His very optimistic and experienced approach has guided us from the point of inevitable collapse back to profitable enterprise. I would have no hesitation in recommending these services to anyone who realises that their business needs support and they don't know where to turn."
    Plumbing & Heating - Simon H - (Managing Director) Hampshire
  • "I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Mike!!! He has been wonderful from beginning to end. Our situation was complicated to say the least but Mike was there every time I phoned, texted or e mailed and that was many a time!! He was always more than helpful and had plenty of time for me no matter how many times I asked the same question and no matter what I threw at him. He and his team prepared the necessary information so thoroughly that when we finally went to the Insolvency Practitioner I had nothing to do and this all ran smoothly. Through what was a difficult time Mike put me at ease and has help us as a company and individuals greatly, therefore, as I said at the beginning a great big thank you and I am now looking forward to a lot less stressful year. "
    Pub/Restaurant - Julie H - (Managing Director) Leicestershire
  • "Dear Mike, I would like to thank you and your members of staff for all the help and support you gave me and my wife, during the very stressful time, when my company had to go into liquidation. We can not thank you enough for the excellent way you handled the whole process and took away a lot of the stress and burden, making us more at ease with your caring support and professional advice and guidance. Keeping us informed at all times, regularly contacting me and my wife to reassure us during this very stressful time. We would highly recommend your company with no hesitation to anyone that is going through the same stressful experience, knowing they would be in professional and very caring hands. Once again our thanks for all you have done."
    Building & Construction - Francis S - (Managing Director) East Sussex
  • "Mike is one in a million!!!!!! From our very first telephone conversation
    he put my mind at rest and I have not looked back. My worries, sleepless
    nights and feelings of anxiety soon began to fade. Mike and his
    team are really patient,efficient and proffessional, it was very quickly and
    quite clearly obvious that he understood my complex situation and was able to
    present me with all my possible options then guide me through them step by
    step. A great communicator providing an excellent service who i would most
    highly recommend!!!!!!"
    Childrens Play Centre - F.A. (Managing Director) Harlow, Essex
  • "I can honestly say that finding Mike was one of the best business desicions I've ever made.
    Being in the unfortunate position that I was in - Mike was an absolute godsend. He explained all the options that were available to me and that enabled me to make an informed desicion. Mike was always at the end of the phone when I had questions or was unsure what to do. He made the whole process alot less stressful and my wife and I cannot thank him enough for
    putting our minds at ease"
    Removals & Storage - Jayson B (Company Director) West Sussex
  • "I owed the HMRC over £32,000 and they were going to wind my company up in the High Court. I contacted Mike and he got straight on the case and I was so fed up I just said liquidate my company, but we discussed all the options and I let Mike take over negotiations. Mike discovered the HMRC owed me £23,000 and the High Court case was dropped....if you have problems with the HMRC don't hesitate give Mike a call"
    Building Contractor - Graham T (Managing Director) Surrey
  • "If you are reading this it means you probably need help, do not hesitate to call Mike. I cannot stress enough how professional and friendly Mike and his team are. Most professionals write letters, Mike picks up the phone and really gets the work done. I wish I had met him earlier when the financial problems first started rather than burying my head in the sand. You will get inundated with lots of companies but this is one company that you can rely on. I don't think I would have got through this without him! You may have an accountant and solicitor but this guy is so professional at what he does"
    Home improvements Lynne B (Sole Trader) West Sussex
  • "I would like to confirm how welcome your services have been in assisting my business through the current economic situation. Throughout the consultation, I have found you to be professional and effective ensuring my business survives the current downturn and moves forward in a positive manner. I have no reservations in recommending you to anybody requiring assistance."
    Licensed Wine Retailer JB (Sole Trader) Surrey
  • "I had got myself into a situation where I couldn't repay my debts personal and company and was having my vans repossessed, electricity turned off at my company workplace when I got a letter off Mike. Up until then I just didn't respond to letters and hid the facts from my wife as my home was at risk because of a personal guarantee. I called him and he has been a great help in providing guidance and negotiating with my Creditors giving me a breathing space. We've got rid of the PG problem, but more than that he provides a personal touch so you've got someone you can rely on and who knows what he's doing and I am getting on top of things. My confidence and work have both picked up together and I am currently negotiating with potential investors and Mike is advising me there too. Mike's been brilliant, just give him a call."
    Carpentry and Builder Darryl E (Managing Director) Kent
  • "My wife had to call Mike as I was so down as I was in so much debt and didn't know where to turn. I had an injury that had left me hospitalised for 3 months and people who owed me money didn't pay. Credit Cards, Inland Revenue, VAT, Business loans and overdraft, you name it I had it - I didn't dare answer the phone, or open letters. My wife asked him to call me which he did at work on my mobile. It was the best thing that has happened to me in a while. Within weeks we had all my debts under control and he introduced me to Leonard Curtis the Insolvency Practitioners. We have a proposal in at the moment for an IVA and things are looking a lot better. Just pick up the phone its crazy not to as it's your family that suffer too you just don't know it."
    Construction Tony D (Sole Trader) Hampshire
  • "I found the service, advice and personal attention given by Mike Smith to be invaluable. One has enough stress to deal with anyway and it's just good to know that someone is there helping you alleviate it by keeping you in the loop all the time. It's like a comfortable journey through your troubled times...highly recommended."
    Dentist - David A (Sole Trader) West Sussex
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